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Important note: Our QIDO units are currently out of stock, on back-order only until further notice.

Also note: The QIDO - Qwerty to Dvorak USB Adapter is not a KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger. The QIDO is a device which enables the user to switch instantly between Qwerty and Dvorak layouts at the press of a button.

If you are interested in purchasing a KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger, please click here.


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All QIDO devices have a one year warranty.

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The order form below is for QIDO devices only, please contact us if you would like to place an order combining both QIDO and KeyGhost Keylogger Devices.

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NEW! QIDO - Qwerty to Dvorak USB Adapter
QIDO - Qwerty to Dvorak USB Adapter (special price)
(Qwerty-in > Dvorak-out > Portable USB Adapter)
Express Courier (FedEx 2-5 Days)* see here $29


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Every QIDO Kit Includes: 1 x QIDO Qwerty to Dvorak USB Adapter. Instruction sheet. Warranty card.



System Requirements:
Mac or IBM PC compatible. USB (small rectangular plug) keyboard.

The QIDO - Qwerty to Dvorak USB Adapter works on ALL USB enabled PC and Mac operating systems including but not limited to Windows 98SE,ME,NT, 2000, XP,Vista, Windows 7, MacOSx, Tiger, Leopard, Linux and Ubuntu. Support for Dos and non USB enabled operating systems is possible but depends on the features of your Bios *

QIDO uses the generic HID keyboard device drivers and USB composite device drivers built into all operating systems that support USB keyboards.

QIDO also converts any USB keyboard containing an internal hub into a generic HID composite device. This means that any PC or Mac keyboard that has a USB mouse attached to the keyboard will continue to work after the QIDO is attached, however, additional USB connectors on keyboards will be disabled for any device other than a single mouse.

* In order to use QIDO in DOS and non-USB operating systems, you need to enable support for a USB keyboard through a "USB/Legacy" option available in some PC BIOSes. You can usually access your PC's BIOS set-up program by pressing DEL or some other specified key during the first few seconds of system startup. Once in the BIOS setup program, find the settings that relate to USB, and see if there's a "legacy" option available to you. If so, simply toggling that option should allow you to use a USB keyboard and QIDO device from DOS.


QIDO - Qwerty to Dvorak



QIDO concept Alex Eagle. QIDO is powered by KeyGhost USB technology. Patent Pending 575917.

KeyGhost is a Registered Trademark of KeyGhost Ltd.
QIDO and 'Take Dvorak anywhere you go' are Trademarks of KeyGhost Ltd.

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